Genomes To Fields (G2F) Photos & Videos

Genomes to Fields Initiative Promotional Video


Genomes To Phenomes Initiative with Senator Joni Ernst

David Ertl (Iowa Corn, left), Sophia Magill (Iowa State Univ, 2nd from left) and Pat Schnable (ISU, right) discuss Genomes to Phenomes Initiative with Senator Joni Ernst (2nd from right) in June of 2019.


Collaborator Provided Images (Posted: April 6th, 2018)


The Importance of Genomes to Fields to Corn Growers

Dr. David Ertl presenting at the 2018 Genomes to Fields NIFA FACT workshop


2017 Summer Seed Organization

Natalia De Leon's Lab organizing seed for one of 2017 GxE isos


Genomes2Fields: Applying the Paradigm of Precision Medicine to Agriculture

Sarah Nusser (Vice-President for Research, Iowa State University), Sophia Magill (Director of Goverment Relations, Iowa State University), Patrick Schnable (Director of Plant Sciences Institute, Iowa State University) and David Ertl (Technology Commercialization Manager, Iowa Corn Growers Association) at the Genomes2Fields Applying the Paradigm of Precision Medice to Agriculture, Washington, DC, April 20, 2016